Festibaq is designed for Party People and will make your festival the best it can be!

The bag has little additives like extra pockets, special places to put lipstick or a phone charger. There is an adjustable chain, so you can wear it different ways. Are you a dancer and is your bag the one thing that keeps you from going all the way…..
don’t worry you can wear this baq on your hips!

Put together by party people all over the world, who all know from experience what makes the greatest party even better!

The original idea came while partying, backpacking, in Vietnam, Phú Quốc island. Drinking in a hostel, trowing (impossible) ideas to each other. Brainstorming, laughing and dreaming about the ultimate festival bag.

We discussed several things like:
Never losing a wallet
No longer out of battery
Stashing stash
Never another dixie-visit without toilet paper
Collecting memories

The idea kept spooking around in my head when I came back home from 5 months Asia. This was what I wanted to do, this is my challenge. We are now one year further, and I still love the bags, every time I see them! I hope this baq will make more and more people smile

Pimp your personal Festibaq, Compose the ideal baq to your taste.


x Marijke